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Your candidate for Fort Lauderdale City Commission, District III.

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I am running so that, together, we can build a stronger Fort Lauderdale for all. I will be your voice on issues of developing our community to become a more attractive and affordable area to work, live and play. I will be your voice for safe neighborhoods and bring the focus of government back to the people.

I’m running on my record of long standing service and success in our community. I’m a 25 year homeowner and resident of Fort Lauderdale’s District 3.  My children were born and raised in Fort Lauderdale.

I currently serve as the President of my homeowners association.

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Neighborhood Beautification

Neighborhood beautification requires vision to realize a neighborhood’s full potential. Special attention should be given to thoroughfares and community entrances.

Crime Reduction

Improve policing by training all officers in crisis prevention, mental health and drug addiction practices. These improvements should bring fairness and equitable treatment to all residents.

Enhanced Senior Services

Support seniors through programs that promote independence, enhance the quality of life, and preserve the human dignity of elderly persons who reside in Ft. Lauderdale. Partner with public and private entities to provide financial resources to assist seniors in home improvement.

Income Diverse Housing

The after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has widened the need for mixed-income housing, we can reimagine how we use private, federal, state or local dollars to create mixed-income housing options.

Civic Engagement

Develop and enhance existing activities that promote civic pride such as Sister Cities, Crisis Help lines, Big Brother, Big Sister.

Inbound Tourism

Support local businesses in the leisure, hospitality, transportation, and retail industries to maximize how they benefit from tourism.

You should also know…

Donna Guthrie pledges to get more Fort Lauderdale residents hired in city jobs, particularly in the police and fire departments.

Donna Guthrie is committed to working with engineers and residents to support efforts to improve stormwater and natural infrastructure to relieve chronic flooding.

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